Map of Nordic and Scandinavian Countries
NordisKal proudly provides Scandinavian and Nordic calendars and other products, all of which are of top quality
materials that can be used in your home or office.  They all make excellent gifts to give to your Scandinavian
family and friends.  When you click on the links below for each nation, a new page will appear that displays all
of the items available.  To close that page, click on "Home" (which appears in the Nation "links" navigation list.

You will be able to find calendars, note cards, mouse pads, flag and heart magnets, Christmas magnets, canvas tote bags,
oval auto decals, paper flag garlands, flag-it stickers and decals, pobra flag stickers, braided hearts garlands and
stickers, Saint Lucia figurines, and Christmas note cards in seven Nordic languages.  The five main pages listed below
are: Denmark (Kongeriget Danmark), Finland (Suomi or Suomen tasavalta), Iceland (Ísland), Norway (Kongeriket Norge),
and Sweden (Konungariket Sverige).  Enjoy browsing each page in which you are interested and contact us when you are
ready to place your order.  

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